The 6 Best Little Sisters in Pop Culture

My little sister’s birthday was last week, and I’m still having a hard time believing that she’s in her mid-20s. It helps that we live several states apart and only see each other on the major holidays. But still, come on, world! Cut me some slack! There’s no way she’s that old now. Regardless of age, I still love her, and the best way I know how to show love these days is with a List of Six dedicated to her.

This also qualifies as her birthday present.

“Happy Birthday to you…”

I did a similar list a few years ago for my brother around his birthday. But in researching this list, I discovered that brothers are a much bigger deal in pop culture than sisters. His list was all about awesome brother teams, like Mario and Luigi, but that sort of thing apparently doesn’t exist very often in pop culture when it comes to sister siblings. What’s up with that? Besides the obvious gender inequality inherent in all of fiction.

Still, I ain’t buying her a real present. So here’s a list of the 6 coolest little sisters in pop culture!

6. Princess Luna

“The fun has been doubled!”

Or maybe you prefer Nightmare Moon? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic isn’t all about ponies having tea parties or styling each others’ manes. Sometimes they have to team up to use their super-powers to defeat evil nightmare ponies who live on the moon and threaten to bathe the world in eternal darkness. And that was only in the first episode! Princess Luna is the younger sister of Princess Celestia, and the two of them used to run all of Equestria, using their magic to make the sun and moon rise and set. But then Luna got a little annoyed that she was only allowed out at night, and she turned wicked evil, you guys.

After being banished to the moon, Luna returned a thousand years later as Nightmare Moon, and waged a dark war against all the good ponies of the world – until the good guys won and saved the day, like they do. Princess Luna reverted back to her old self, and now she’s trying to make amends for the dark crimes she committed. Because My Little Pony is serious business.

5. Ginny Weasley

Broke more hearts than a love potion

The Harry Potter series was full of strong female characters. Heck, even Harry himself told everyone who would listen that Hermione was the real standout at Hogwarts. Well Ginny Weasley was no slouch either. She may have started out as a meek, quiet little sister, but she grew up into a proud, ginger woman. Ginny was the girl everybody wanted to date, and she was a star Quidditch player too. She even went pro after she graduated. And I hear she could perform a mean Bat Bogey Hex. Harry hooking up with his best friend’s little sister may have broke some rules of broship, but who else was the hero supposed to end up with if not the baddest, toughest, most rad witch in Hogwarts?

4. River Tam

Browncoats forever!

Simon always thought he needed to take care of his sister River on the TV show Firefly. And maybe she did need some help from time to time, what with being kidnapped and experimented upon by the evil government. But we all now know that River Tam could handle herself pretty well. All of that suffering and mental illness led her to become an ass-kicking, mind-reading, sharp-shooting warrior, who saved the crew of Serenity more times than Jayne would probably like to admit. But I suppose Simon will still always just see her as his kid sister. Brothers are like that.

3. Anna

Famous for not understanding how doors work

Frozen may still be new, but is there any movie out there with a stronger sisterly bond than the newly minted highest grossing animated movie of all time? I’m seriously asking. The twist at the end, where sisterly love instead of romantic love saves the day took me by complete surprise. Considering how predictable everything else was in Frozen, I felt for sure the film would play out how I expected. Good thing the people at Disney have better heads on their shoulders. Frozen has great songs, great animation, and the best sort of message to show to your kids about loving your siblings. If only my family had that movie when we were younger…

It’s too bad Anna didn’t get any awesome super-powers of her own. Else gets to be Iceman, but all Anna gets are some adorable freckles? I know freckles are powerful voodoo, but come on! Ice powers!

And here’s the obligatory posting of Let It Go.

2. Dawn Summers

She was better on Pete and Pete

I’ve always liked Dawn Summers. I haven’t seen enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my lifetime, but I like Dawn, and I love the way the show introduced her. For the first few seasons, Buffy was an only child. Then at the start of the fifth season, Dawn was just there. And everybody acted like she’d always been there. Only the audience was confused as to where she came from. Turns out, she was the result of a magical spell, because that’s how the writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer roll. And how great a metaphor for little sisters is that? One day, they’re just in your lives and you’ve got to deal with them, no matter how annoying they become.

1. Lisa Simpson

“I don’t get it. Straight A’s, perfect attendance, bathroom timer; I should be the most popular girl in school.”

There is no other little sister who could have possibly topped this list. Lisa Simpson embodies little sisters everywhere. They’re smarter than us, wiser than us, and are probably destined for greater things than us. And they probably deserve it. Though hopefully I won’t embarrass my little sister with my stupid demo tape when she grows up to be President. Or remember that time Lisa became a Buddhist? That was a good episode.

Also, putting Lisa on this list lets me post this video! Double birthday points for me!


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  1. I’m adding one more, so now this gift is from both of us.

    1. Helga Pataki – The show “Hey Arnold!” was not about Arnold. Every episode was about how one of his friends has some wacky yet interesting character trait and they need a bland yet likable patsy to help them out. Of all his interesting friends, Helga was the one with the most actual character. The best episodes were the ones about her family where Arnold was no where to be found. Her dad is oblivious to reality. Her mom is an alcoholic. And her sister is seemingly perfect but clearly not as well-adjusted as her little sister. Helga’s interactions with these people were far more interesting and defining of her character than a creepy pigeon man story. Except for Stoop Kid. That episode had everything.

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