Spider-Verse is Coming This Fall!

The next big Spider-Man comic book event was revealed today as Spider-Verse! It’s coming this fall by regular Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, and apparently involves every single version of Spider-Man that has ever existed teaming up to take on Morlun, one of Spidey’s more recent and brutal bad guys!

I see you there, Scarlet Spider

That’s a sweet picture. You can click HERE to get an even bigger, better one!

Newsamara had the scoop today as Slott and a few other Marvel honchos talked about the event. It’s going to feature 1,000s of Spideys, including some that Slott’s going to make up for the event – not that there aren’t dozens upon dozens already circling the Multiverse. They’re gonna team up against some great threat, with Morlun first to the plate. I was reading Amazing Spider-Man back when Morlun first showed up, and he was definitely pretty monstrous back then, though I’m pretty sure he’s mellowed a bit since. Perhaps Slott will make him scary again.

All of this sounds reasonably cool, though not exactly something that gets me personally excited. I’ve never been one for big, cosmic Spider-Man stories, though I’m sure it’ll be a blast to see all the various alternate Spideys. That might be worth the price of admission alone.

I definitely see some Slingers in there!

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  1. Paper Bag/ FF uniform Spidey is probably going to be the laughing stock of the bunch. Meanwhile, Captain Universe Spidey will whoop any ass that needs whoopin. Considering he’s like 5 times stronger than Thor, along with various other powers.

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