The Wrong Cyclops is Getting His Own Series

Marvel has announced that Cyclops is going to get his own ongoing series, written by legendary writer Grug Rucka, no less. The only problem is that it’s going to star the Young Cyclops from the original X-Men, who time traveled to the present day and is currently a member of the All-New X-Men.



I’m all for Greg Rucka working at Marvel, but are they unaware that regular Cyclops is pretty much the coolest, most badass character at Marvel right now? I know he’s got a starring role in Uncanny X-Men, but come on, adult Cyclops is waaaay cooler than this young punk!

Anyway, the series is going to be about Cyclops connecting with his dad, Corsair, who is a space pirate. Can’t say as how I’m all that interested, but Comic Book Resources has an interview with Rucka.

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  1. Don’t think of it as a Cyclops series, think of it as a Corsair (and the Starjammers) series, with a title that should help sell, because that’s what it should be. Older Cyclops should be becoming the main focus of Uncanny X-men with Magneto getting his own series. If, however, that doesn’t happen, I totally think we should get a “The Cyclops Who Got Possessed by the Phoenix Force and Killed Xavier” series, but what the hell would they name it now?

    • A Corsair series is even less interesting to me. Marvels’ already pushing the Guardians of the Galaxy as the ‘roguish space pirates’ thing. The Starjammers are like the antique, hippie version of the Guardians.

      • I might’ve missed something, but I don’t remember the current Guardians doing anything unrelated to Earth, despite being “of the Galaxy”, so “space pirates” that actually go places would be different.

  2. The surprising thing is that Greg Rucka’s returned to Marvel. So soon, too. I thought he was done with Marvel after what happened with his Punisher run, and I couldn’t say I blamed him.

    This could be fun. But it also pisses me off. It’s not that the wrong Cyclops got a solo. It’s that Storm should be getting a solo, instead. I love Cyclops. He’s my second-favourite comic character, behind only Kitty. And Storm isn’t even in my top 10. But Storm absolutely, undeniably deserves to get a solo comic. She’s Marvel’s most prominent female character, their most prominent minority character, and one of their most prominent characters in general. I would wager she’s in Marvel’s top 10 most popular characters. And she’s got a ton of story potential. Her thief background means she could pull heists. She’s got the mystical heritage, so stories could be done with that. She’s got the Wakanda connection, allowing for stories there. She’s even got an Asgard connection, through the classic Asgardian adventures she and the New Mutants went through.

    A series that explores who Scott is outside the X-Men could be really interesting. But dammit, it is simply ridiculous that Storm hasn’t had an ongoing yet.

    • I definitely agree. But I bet it would be a tough sell. Though I’m sure a good writer or two could come up with some really great angles to explore her character. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in one of the new style series, like Hawkeye, where they focus more on her normal life. Though Storm’s normal life is pretty wild…and I think I dislike her hooking up with Wolverine more than I do her marriage to Black Panther.

      Storm and the recently returned Nightcrawler would be a fun couple.

      • Kathryn Immonen’s brief Journey Into Mystery was fantastic, and so was her Avengers Annual. Get her to write a Storm book. The crazy thing is you don’t even need to do a Hawkeye-style book. Hawkeye works because the character is a loser. A Storm solo could be like Captain Marvel – a powerful character who’s actually got it mostly together.

        My favourite girlfriend for Nightcrawler was Amanda. Creepy incesty subtext aside, they worked well together. If Storm did get a solo, I’d like to see her be single, or at the very least not seeing anyone in the X-Men. I’d actually like to see her date a transgender character, with their trans status not being an issue at all to Storm, as she simply doesn’t care about gender.

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