6 Pop Culture Resolutions for 2014

I may as well say that my New Year’s resolutions for 2014 are to lose weight and save money, but I’ve kind of been making those same resolutions for the past 30 years, and they haven’t come true yet! So how about we veer wildly off course and talk about something much more fun: pop culture!

No, I’m not resolving to play fewer video games or watch less TV. Don’t be crazy.

Though I’m totally gonna lose weight and save money. Totally.

Instead, I’ve whipped up a list of 6 pop culture things I want to see in 2014. We already know what movies, TV shows and more are coming out, and I resolve to drown myself in all of them. But we don’t know how good or bad they’re going to be, or what surprises might be in store. So let’s get our hopeful wishing hats on, and predict the 6 pop culture resolutions we want to see in 2014!

And yes, I realize these are more like ‘wishes’ than ‘resolutions’, but New Year is all about the resolutions. Cut me some slack, I had a cold this week. Join me after the jump!

6. Fallout 4!

Not afraid of playing the numbers game

Of all the possible video games that could come out (or be announced) in 2014, I think the top of my list is Fallout 4. The game is on everybody’s lips, and unlike Half Life 3, it actually has a chance of coming out sometime in our lifetimes. I have to believe that the good people at Bethesda Studios are already hard at work on the next post-apocalyptic RPG. Rumor has it that Fallout 4 might be set in Boston. That’s pretty cool, if only because I doubt any game will ever be set in Rome, New York.

Although if we’re talking video games, I also wouldn’t mind South Park: Stick of Truth, The Last Guardian, Beyond Good and Evil 2, whatever new franchise Blizzard is working on and maybe some worthwhile GTA V DLC? Thank you kindly, universe.

5. Multiple Man LEGOs!

I’m desperate here!

Kids are spoiled today when it comes to LEGOs. When I was young, all the playsets were generic categories like ‘Castle’ or ‘Space’ or ‘Pirates’. Nowadays, kids get fully licensed properties, like Star Wars, Harry Potter and, my personal favorite, superheroes! Both DC and Marvel have deals with LEGO, so kids can play with LEGO Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Fist and more! And they’ve already announced even more LEGO sets that don’t necessarily tie into the movies. There’s going to be a LEGO M.O.D.O.K.!

Also a LEGO Hydra henchman! Awesome!

But where, oh where, is the LEGO Multiple Man? How is this not the most obvious superhero toy ever? The guy has the super-power to make multiple copies of himself. Kids would want to buy a ton of LEGO Multiple Men! It’s a no-brainer! As LEGO expands their Marvel license, they need to add a lot more X-Men beyond just Wolverine and Deadpool, and they need to hurry up and make me a LEGO Multiple Man!

4. The Death of 3D Movies!

Kill it with fire!

This 3D movie trend needs to die and it needs to die soon. It managed to limp its way through 2013, but enough is enough! It was a stupid trend from the very beginning. Does anybody out there actually like going to 3D movies anymore? Does anybody like having to pay extra to wear those stupid glasses? These movies have been a pox upon theaters for too long now.

Maybe – and it’s a big maybe – James Cameron did 3D well when he filmed Avatar, but he filmed the movie in 3D. The rest of Hollywood quickly learned that they could just post-convert movies into 3D, which just looks terrible. Has anybody else taken any kind of creative advantage of the Cameron-inspired 3D? Or have they just taken the cheap, easy route while still charging us more money? 3D movies were only ever a passing fad, and they need to go the same way as 3D television.

3. An Awesome Guardians of the Galaxy!

I will also settle for ‘Pretty Good’

There are a lot of good movies coming out in 2014. New sequels to Hunger Games, Captain America and Amazing Spider-Man, the finale of The Hobbit and Wes Anderson’s latest quirky comedy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, just to name a few. All of those films are almost guaranteed to be good, at least in my eyes. The only real risk is Guardians of the Galaxy. Can Marvel work their magic and create a successful franchise out of this obscure, never-before-tested, space-faring property? Will Rocket Raccoon be a hit?

I sure hope so! Marvel haven’t let me down yet, starting all the way back with Iron Man in 2007. Every single film they’ve put out has been wonderful, even the sequels. Wouldn’t it be great for Marvel to continue their success with such an unproven franchise? Nobody really knew or cared about Iron Man or Thor, and their movies have catapulted them to stardom. Kids actually want to be Iron Man and Thor for Halloween! So let’s hope Marvel strikes gold once again with Guardians of the Galaxy.

I have all the faith in the universe.

2. A Better Agents of SHIELD!

I will try to settle for ‘Decent’

If only Marvel’s efforts on television were nearly as good. I’ll readily admit to being a SHIELD apologist. After 10 mediocre to bad episodes, Agents of SHIELD has not lived up to the hope and hype from this summer, when the promise of a Joss Whedon/Marvel TV show was as sweet as Santa Claus promising us every toy on our Christmas lists. But I have not lost faith. Whedon shows are a proven success, and not every great show can be judged by just the first half of its first season.

No doubt the writers and producers are taking all of the criticism to heart, and hopefully they are retooling the show for its big return in the new year. They’ll fix all the problems, patch up the holes, and hopefully make Skye a million times more interesting. Agents of SHIELD can be salvaged. I have to believe it can.

1. The New Robin!

The stuff of fanboy fantasies

I want the new Robin crowned as soon as possible. I might agree that not enough time has passed of Batman operating alone, but the comics are just richer and more exciting when Robin is around. There’s no doubt in my mind that DC is going to pick a new Robin eventually. It’s just good business to have Batman and Robin. So it’s going to happen. The question is when…and who.

DC has a lot of great options for the new Robin, from Harper Row to Stephanie Brown to Carrie Kelley. And the fact that all of the best options are girls is just fantastic. The world is ready for a female Robin, and DC is ready to pass the pixie boots onto someone new. Their new weekly series, Batman Eternal, is the perfect place to build up and announce the new Robin. So make it happen, DC; 2014 is the year!

Personally, I’m pushing for Harper Row.


Those are my pop culture resolutions for 2014, what are some of yours? What things in comics, TV, movies and more do you want to see in the new year? Let us know in the comments!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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