Scarlet Spider is Canceled!

Say it ain’t so, true-believers! The Scarlet Spider series is being cancelled in December! Scarlet Spider #25 is the final issue, and it looks to be a doozy!

I hope he lives

This is bumming me out. I really enjoy Scarlet Spider, enough so to give each issue a major review. I will be very disappointed to see the series leave. I’m not sure why it’s being canceled. I don’t think Marvel has said anything yet. Maybe sales were low? We always knew the series wasn’t exactly star material. It was just a fun comic.

Scarlet Spider is about Kaine, the clone of Spider-Man, who tried and usually failed to be a good person and a good superhero in Houston, TX. Scarlet Spider was heaped in characters and imagery from the Clone Saga, one of the most hated comic book stories of all time. But it’s one of my favorites, so I was completely behind Kaine getting his own series.

But good things don’t last forever. Here’s the solicitation from December:

Cover by Ryan Stegman
• It’s over. Kaine did his best to be a hero. He failed.
• What about Houston?! Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? The answers will surprise you.
• Two years and 25 issues have led to THIS! Guest starring: MEXICO!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Kaine failed to be a hero? So I guess in the long run, the series really is going to be about Kaine’s failed attempt to be a superhero. His life has been getting progressively worse since the series started. That’s kind of depressing.


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  1. Now I am really pissed first dc does this and my second favorite book gets cancelled. It looks like Peter is coming back though..

  2. The sales seemed to be OK. Not great, but not bad. And Wacker seems to be indicating that Kaine won’t be gone for long. From a Comic Book Resources thread:

    “You won’t miss Kaine for long.

    Stay tuned.”

    So we’ll see.

  3. Perhaps he returns in a Spider Based Team:
    Venom, Scarlet Spider, Ricochet, Arana, and the newly arrived Miles Morales team up for the Superior Spider-Squad. They unite for one goal: to take out the imposter Spider-Man and get Peter Parker back!

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