DC Comics is Going to Try Again With Superman

This can’t be good news for the replacement writers on Superman and Action Comics. But DC has announced a brand new Superman comic – called Man of Steel – that will be written by superstar writer Scott Snyder and drawn by superstar artist Jim Lee. It will come out next year, not so coincidentally alongside a new Superman movie that is also titled Man of Steel.

Look at him break stuff like a pro!

Jim Lee, of course, is one of the most popular comic book artists of the modern day, and one of the big wigs at DC Comics corporate. He was also the artist entrusted with starting the New 52’s flagship Justice League series.

Scott Snyder is currently writing the spectacular and incredibly popular Batman series, and is the mastermind behind both the Court of Owls and the current, highly rated Joker storyline.

So clearly DC Comics is banking hard on this new Superman series.

But that makes me wonder how the new creative teams of the current Superman comics – Action Comics and Superman – must now feel. I mean, jeez, why don’t DC just hang big signs around their neck that their comics won’t matter in the wake of Man of Steel? I can’t imagine that the Superman comics are doing so well that Superman could support three ongoing series. Batman is doing it, but just barely. And Superman is not as popular as Batman.

DC has actually had a bit of trouble with Superman in the New 52. Grant Morrison has been writing a pretty popular Action Comics, but he’s leaving in the new year, to be replaced by Andy Diggle. Not to talk down on Mr. Diggle’s work, but he’s no Grant Morrison. Nobody is Grant Morrison. Though personally, I haven’t been a big fan of Morrison’s Action Comics. Considering it was supposed to be the main Superman title in the new reboot, Morrison went really insane really fast, which I thought was disruptive in the context of a reboot.

And then Superman the series has had four different writers in just one year, with Scott Lobdell taking over in September. And readers of my blog will know that I’m no fan of Scott Lobdell’s work on Teen Titans – though I am sort of enjoying his work on Red Hood and the Outlaws. But Scott Lobdell is no Scott Snyder or Grant Morrison or anybody else. Not to be mean, but he’s not an A-list talent in the comic book world. After losing George Perez – who was very vocal about why he left Superman – and Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens, it seems like DC just looked around their office for someone who wasn’t mad at DC Comics and just threw Lobdell into the slot.

So clearly Superman has been floundering in the New 52, whereas characters like Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman have exploded out of the gate. This new Man of Steel comic may turn things around and give us some quality Superman stories…but why not put Snyder and Lee on one of the existing Superman books? Why try to support 3 identical Superman comics?

Though I definitely think I’ll be buying Man of Steel when it comes out. Snyder and Lee are great!

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  1. So wait, what’s Grant Morrison doing now?

  2. I have enjoyed Superman very much, I can’t say the same for Action. So maybe the loss of Morrison will be a gain for the title.

    As for Man of Steel, it may coincide with the title but it is also a historically used comic title so maybe it is a new addition to the book line rather than the spotlight with a chance to capitalize on newn readers with a new launch during a blockbuster films release.

    • They said it’s not going to be connected with the movie, but there is no way that the title wasn’t chosen to coincide with the movie. That’s just marketing 101.

      • I am sure title was chosen to connect with the movie, just saying that it is also a historic title used in the past. I just don’t want to write it off so quickly as just movie tie in junk. But with Batman having numerous titles plus several tie in character titles it is only time before superman expands due to increased interest from the new film.

      • I hope it’s not just some movie tie-in junk. That is a quality creative team on a Superman comic. I just think they should have put them on Superman or Action Comics in order to bolster their already existing Superman titles. I think it would be a hoot if Snyder was writing both ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’.

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