Sneak Peeks at One of the New X-Forces and a Brand New Young Avengers

New York City Comic-Con is upon us, and comic book and pop culture news is going to be coming out hard and fast. I’m going to do my best to keep up with it, so feel free to keep checking back on my blog to see any new articles. You could probably get the same information on other websites, but c’mon, you know you like the atmosphere at Henchman-4-Hire best of all. Tell your friends!

Anyway, this week saw the release of some details about the brand new Young Avengers series and the revamped Uncanny X-Force, both of which are part of the Marvel NOW! campaign. I had a few misgivings about this new Uncanny X-Force, especially because it was announced on the heels of a similar title called Cable and X-Force. There comes a point where Marvel needs to learn that it’s OK to let titles end. You don’t need to slap a new writer and new characters into a title in the vain hope that it’ll keep selling.

Despite the fact that I would kill for a job like that…

My hypocrisy aside, I wasn’t too enthralled at the idea of Sam Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force…until I saw this preview and interview with ComicsAlliance!

Is that…is that a mohawk?

Join me for more details after the jump!

The team is composed of Storm (who is once again rocking her classic 80s mohawk), Psylocke, Spiral, a female Fanomex and Puck, a more random assortment of X-characters you could not imagine. The main villain will be Bishop, who apparently is still suffering through the villain turn he took a few years ago. Though I’d like to point out that Bishop’s belief that Hope was dangerous turned out to be exactly what the Avengers were thinking at the start of Avengers vs. X-Men. Bishop’s attempts to kill Hope turned him into a villain, whereas nobody is particularly bothered by Wolverine’s attempts to kill Hope. Because one is Wolverine and one is Bishop.

But anyway! Check out that interview, which includes a look at all the new costumes, as well as commentary by Humphries and artist Kris Anka They provide a lot of insight into what Uncanny X-Force might be like, and it sounds intriguing – even if Humphries is clearly doing the best he can with an also-ran title…

All comics could use more Puck

That is a cool looking Puck. As little faith as I may have in this series, Humphries really excelled in picking random characters to put on a team together. Puck and Spiral were fantastic choices.

But if you’re leaning more towards the Avengers side of things, we’ve already been given a look at a new Young Avengers series!

So young, so hip

Written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Jamie McKelvie, the new series is only sort of, maybe going to have anything to do with the previous Young Avengers series. Hulking, Wiccan and Kate Bishop are definitely going to return, but the rest of the team are no shows. Instead, it’s going to be about Kid Loki putting together a new team that will include Marvel Boy and Miss America Chavez, a new character from a series that nobody read. Kid Loki, for those who don’t know, is actually the real Loki. He was killed at one point (I think) and brought back as a child. Gillen has been writing him in Journey Into Mystery, but I haven’t been reading.

Gillen said in that interview that the book is going to focus on the youth culture of the Marvel Universe, especially young superheroes. I can’t say as how I’m too interested in the comic, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun for people interested in the characters or the concept. At the very least, it sounds like a much better use of teen superheroes than Avengers Arena.

And if you’re not completely convinced to try the new Young Avengers, how about this cover by Scott Pilgrim writer/artist Brian Lee O’Malley?

Why isn’t O’Malley drawing the whole series?

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