Superior Spider-Man Confirmed and Detailed

With New York City Comic-Con this weekend, Marvel has gone ahead and revealed the new Superior Spider-Man in the pages of USA Today. We all know that Amazing Spider-Man is going to end with the upcoming issue #700, during which a big, epic something is going to happen.

And while that something hasn’t been revealed, we’re now getting our first look at the aftermath.

Superior? What, he thinks he’s better than me?

According to the article at USA Today, the big epic something is going to result in a darker, meaner Spider-Man.

“I’ve always been the omniscient hand that’s been protecting Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and not letting anything too bad happen to him,” he adds. “And now I’ve become this cruel god. There’s something exciting about that, about going, ‘Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha, here is what’s going to happen to you, Spider-Man!’ And it’s drastic and it’s big and it’s exciting and it’s never been done before.”

Slott also said the term “Friendly Neighborhood” is no longer going to apply to Spider-Man.

Artists will include Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

This darker Spider-Man is lending a lot more credence to my theory that Doctor Octopus is going to kill Mary Jane Watson!

Along with the new title, Slott said that Spider-Man will get some new powers, and his costume is going to be tweaked a little. The blue will be replaced by black, plus a few other extraneous changes that you can see in this picture.

Look! He’s got little toesy thingys!

So yeah, there is our first introduction to Superior Spider-Man! We may learn more at Comic-Con, and I’ll keep everyone posted as best  I can. Though I can’t say I’m excited to see these changes to Spider-Man, my curiosity may be piqued enough to at least buy a few issues.

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  1. Hey, Sean

    THis is Steve again thanks for responding to my interpetation of Surperior Spider-man it always good to here good critcism from a comicbook fan who isn’t a complete douche about it. With the new information that Slott posted about Spider-man I want to pitch you another idea which could be the premise behind this new Spider-man. Though, it my be possible that Mary Jane dies ( please I hope to God that its not the case!!!!), I think the major thing that Doctor Octopus will dish out to Spider-man before he dies will be that he kills Peter Parker. Now I know what your thinking( Wtf is this guy smoking why would he even say such blasphemy it would completely destroy the need for a continuation for spider-man, except if he get’s replaced by another guy with Spider powers which would truly suck, I would think that to), but just here me out. I believe he won’t truly kill Peter Parker, but kill the identity of Peter Parker. With Doctor Octopus putting Peter against all odds and putting him in a situation that his family and friends know that Peter, being connected to Spider-man, is put in danger and put in a situation( like a burning lab at horizon labs, explosion, etc.) where everyone believes Peter is dead ,and while Peter survives but his appearance is drastically but not hideously changed by Doctor Octopus( Note the torn costume from Doc. Ock’s claw in a teaser poster). Thus, having Peter dawn a new identity while working his way back into his inner Peter’s inner circle of his friends and family like a stranger that becomes part of their lives and sympathizes with their loss, even though he’s the one they mourn for( and he might tell some people like Mary Jane, and his superhero comrades but his other friends and family will be kept in the dark. The new powers might be just a secondary mutation because of Peter’s maturity or because his mutation was increased by a machine created by the doctor( but this just off the top of my head). These are the reasons why I think this might be a decent premise for a story.

    1. Slott, commented that he would be a evil douche on how he treats Spider-man in this slightly darker and non-friendly neighborhood series. How do you think you would feel if the man you were was considerd dead by those around you. Very pissed off and dark I would imagine and just the thing to make Peter Parker’s life will be if this theory is correct, his life will be a living hell.

    2.Because, of the Doctor destroying his life Peter, he was already along the lines of showing less sympathy for villians like with the lizard, Morbius, and the events that led to him losing his Spider Powers, will become more ruthless about he handles his enemies because they basically continued to destroy his life no matter how much good he had done to put them away.

    3. It might make for an intresting story, because Peter Parker was always surrounded by people who knew hime be it friends, family, rivals, or enemies. But, how do you think his character change when the identity of Peter Parker is dead and Spiderman’s new identity is just a stranger on the outside looking in to what Peter’s life was. Might make for an intresting premise as Peter tries to worm his way into his old life when he knows he can’t ,for it would bring out his secret and thus put everyone in danger again.

    4. With Peter Parker’s identity being dead it might give Peter new insight of being a more Superior hero for now he will have a reflection period and realize how he should’ve handled things and employ them into how he fights crime in this new series.

    5. Even though its a sad way to look at it, Peter has always been an ideal hero trying to balance his civilian life with his hero life, spitting the faces of villians and higher beings without ever changing who he was and by always maintaing his solemn pledge ” That with Great Power comes Great Responsability” by growing through this major darker change we might be able to see a growth of Spider-man like we never seen, a growth that will show that despite this new gruffness and darkness he’s still growing. This new road he will take will have a whole lot of pitfalls and wrong turns and he will bear alot of pain and sorrow because of what he lost but, because of what he’s learned and through and wisdom and love he recieved from his old life he will be able to take the pain and evolve into a more Superior hero then ever before, because that’s just the kind of man who Peter Parker( Not Spider-man is).( This is just wishful thinking.)

    Anyway, these are my thoughts on how this plot might play out as before Sean your critical review is much appreciated and quite helpful to me and my interpreations of comics.So hoplefully Slott doesn’t f**k up to bad ,but just in case he does I have my Mob kit willing and ready lol.Like I said a review from somone like you would be much appreciated, and please share your thougts if this is a good premise for Surperior Spider-man.

    • Now that might be something they’re working towards…the ‘death’ of Peter Parker. That would definitely solve the matter of anyone figuring out that Peter Parker really is Spider-Man. And would account for Spider-Man taking on a darker tone. You definitely might be on to something there.

      Though now I’m also now amending my earlier prediction and adding the idea that Spider-Man kills Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man murdering somebody would definitely be a big, angry shock to the fans.

  2. Sorry for number two I meant events losing his ‘Spider Sense’

  3. In making this darker, edgier Spider-Man, they seem to have completely overlooked that we already have two of them running around. Venom and Scarlet Spider both have ongoings, last I checked. It seems like taking this approach with the main Spider-Man character would really step on the toes of those books.

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