Falcon to Appear in Captain America Sequel

Casting news for Captain America 2 has revealed that the superhero Falcon will be making an appearance. Much like Iron Man got to team up with War Machine in Iron Man 2, it looks like Cap’s also going to get a sidekick!

Complete with wise-cracking bird sidekick of his own

This is pretty cool news. War Machine was a great addition to Iron Man 2, handled with class and style that made sense for the story. So I’m confident that Marvel Studios will find a good way to introduce the Falcon. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just make him a SHIELD agent assigned to help Steve Rogers adjust to life in the 21st century. We already know that’s going to be a major focus of the movie anyway.

And much like Black Widow appearing in Iron Man 2, the fanboy in me just loves a good superhero guest appearance in the movies.

Actor Anthony has been linked to the Falcon role. I’ve apparently seen a few movies with him in it, but he didn’t leave any kind of impression. Still, more power to him.

The ‘Mack’ Daddy himself

For those who do not know, the Falcon has been a friend and partner to Captain America since 1969. Honestly, it’s one of the weirdest partnerships in comics. What the heck does a guy who dresses like that and calls himself the Falcon have to do with Captain America? His only super-power is the ability to communicate with birds. The wings that make him fly are part of the costume. Falcon can’t fly on his own. He’s like Aquaman of the air. In any other context, he’d be a D-list nobody.

But Falcon was created in the context of the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam, when Stan Lee and company wanted an African-American hero who could be a social figure as well as give Captain America some street cred. It worked, and Falcon has been around ever since. So I think he’d be a great addition to the Captain America sequel.

Though I’d recommend a few changes. First of all, lose the ability to communicate with birds. It adds nothing to the character and could come off as really silly. He can keep his pet falcon Redwing, and maybe be intuitive about Redwing’s calls, but nix the actual power to talk with birds.

And the costume has to change. That bright white and red number has got to go. Having a wing suit isn’t a problem at all. SHIELD in the Marvel Movieverse is already full of codenamed agents with unique abilities, like Black Widow and Hawkeye. So it works out fine if they have a guy named Falcon who has a wing suit. That part is easy. It’s the color scheme that wouldn’t work in the movies. So like they did with Hawkeye, I recommend just going with Falcon’s Ultimate costume for inspiration. Then maybe give it white and red trim.

And guns, lots of guns

Now there’s a movie-ready character!

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