The 6 Most Tubular Non-Turtle TMNT Action Figures

The greatest thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure line from the early 1990s was that the toymakers just went nuts designing a whole slew of brand new characters. And they weren’t just turtles. They were lions and dragons and ducks and gorillas, oh my! These mutants almost never appeared in the actual cartoon, and rarely in the comics. They existed only to enrich the lives of the toy-buying public who didn’t just want to buy variations of the main four Ninja Turtles – though there were a lot of those as well.

These were wholly original characters sprung forth from very creative minds – and you can bet I owned a whole bunch!

This takes me back…

These unique TMNT characters fit right into my love of fan fiction. Characters that exist on the fringes of the world, but still part of the world, are exactly what I like to write when it comes to fan fiction. That’s why I love these additional TMNT characters so much. Toymakers did the same thing with G.I.Joes and Transformers, adding new characters just for the fun of it. I wish more toylines did this. They have all these superhero movie tie-in action figures, why not make a few more characters who exist in the comics but didn’t make it into the movies? Like a Dark Knight Rises version of Robin or the Riddler. Or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from The Avengers. I think it would be awesome.

What else is awesome? These 6 unique TMNT action figure characters! And anyone interested in checking out all of the TMNT toys, visit this glorious website, which I used to make this list.


6. Doctor El


The loin cloth hides nothing!

Maybe my recent jaunt in Diablo 3 as Djibouti the Witch Doctor has given me a new appreciation for the head-shrinking artists of Africa, but Doctor El just looks radical. He’s a giant elephant-man running around in a loin cloth! With a broken tusk! No doubt he broke that off in an epic battle with teh Foot Clan. And if you look closely, it appears Doctor El took an arrow to the knee long before that guard in Skyrim. According to his Character Card, Doctor El was a pygmy that the Shredder turned into a mutant, but then this “pip-squeakin’ pachyderm” switched sides to join the Ninja Turtles. I guess they know the answer to the question of who do the voodoo!


5. Panda Khan


Not the eyes of a sane panda…

How much you want to bet the World of Warcraft guys who are making Mists of Panderia had a Panda Khan action figure when they were kids? Panda bears just make good warriors. They’re honorable and eat bamboo, both things a true warrior needs! It doesn’t matter that samurais were from Japan and panda bears were from China. Details, shmetails! Panda Kahn’s origin is actually kind of hilarious. He’s an alien from the future. The Ninja Turtle creators actually went with aliens far too often. When your whole premise is that you have this ooze that crosses animals with humans, why create aliens who look exactly like animals crossed with humans? Panda Kahn is apparently the ruler of a whole race of samurai, alien bears from 1,000 years in the future. He used a spaceship and the ancient art of ‘Ting Zing Pao’ to travel back in time, only to crash land in the Turtles’ sewers. Perhaps the pizza of the future sucked.


4. Halfcourt


Whoa there pal, giraffes have black tongues

Can you say militant, basketball-playing giraffe? Hells yeah, you can! By the time Halfcourt came out, the toymakers had stopped trying. He doesn’t even get a funky origin. Halfcourt just is. He uses a beehive as a basketball and an air pump as a machine gun. Because Shredder and the Foot Clan might someday, maybe, cause some trouble on an inner city basketball court. You never know! Shredder had some strange plans. And hey, he’s #34, because Halfcourt was made right around the time Shaquille O’Neal started playing in the NBA. What, no love for Michael Jordan? Even when you steal his tongue thing? Anyway, I had the Halfcourt action figure, and the coolest thing about him was that his neck would extend a few centimeters. Because giraffes can do that.


3. Walkabout


Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense

Like they said on The Simpsons, the United States had a brief love affair with all things Australia in the late 80s, and I hope Walkabout was a direct result of that fad. He’s Steve Irwin before he was cool. He’s a more hardcore Crocodile Dundee! Crikey, he’s even got an eyepatch! Now that’s boss. And you better believe Walkabout came with a boomerang among his accessories. Though as I recall, he couldn’t hold it very well. Funny story, but back in third grade, when my class was learning about other countries, I brought Walkabout in for show & tell because he was ‘from’ Australia. Yeah, I loved these action figures a little too much. Walkabout’s Character Card is chock full of every Australian saying under the book, including the phrase “pizza on the barbie”. Because of course.


2. Monty Moose


He’ll always get his mutant

From the Land Down Under to the Great White North, behold the mutant moose! Monty freakin’ Moose, baby! Could anything be more gloriously Canadian? I hope whichever toymaker thought up Monty Moose retired on the spot, having given the world all that he could. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a bunch of Monty Moose action figures just hanging around the headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, probably given out as gag gifts at Christmas or just as desk chotchkies. I know I had one as a kid, and his antlers were awesome! Monty Moose also came with a utility belt, a revolver, a sabre, a set of handcuffs and a beaver sidekick named Bob! He has it all! According to his Character Card, Monty was a moose who wandered away from his herd and fell into a lake filled with mutagen. There are weirder mutant origins. How he got the torn Mounty uniform, the card does not say. I’d like to think it simply appeared to him one day in the woodlands of Canada!


1. Antrax


Do not worry, he is only death

Death incarnate! The four-armed, ax-wielding executioner of Dimension X! Whose name is a play on one of the deadliest substances known to man! Now this is how you make a villain! He’s even got a wickedly sinister mandible mustache! And just look at that stinger! Ouch! Antrax was the personal executioner of the warlord Krang, and they went so far as to use the phrase “When Antrax comes marching in, heads will roll!” on his Character Card. This guy was bad news, which made him absolutely awesome an action figure. Antrax was one of my favorites. His four arms may have been awkwardly placed, but there were still four of them! And he came, as you can see, with a giant ax that stretched across two hands. When it comes to action figure accessories, nothing beats a giant, head-slicing ax! Plus, Antrax gets the distinction of being one of the only mutant insects, which just makes him that much more creepy and crawly!


So did I forget to mention any of your favorite TMNT action figures? I know I had to leave off a few of my other childhood favorites. Let me know in the comments!

Also, as an added treat, I found an ancient commercial on Youtube advertising several of these characters. I can’t believe that was a thing! Do they still even make action figure commercials anymore? Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for your post “The 6 Most Tubular Non-Turtle TMNT Action Figures” it was a good read. I’ve been researching this Character toys What do you think? Is it good quality?
    All the best Anthony

  2. Panda Khan actually has his own comic and Anthrax did appear on one episode of the original show back in 92

  3. Oh yeah and Panda K is actually a mutant panda from Earth sent to live on another planet by asian scientist after the Earth becomes uninhabitale. Check out the comics from Abacus Press

  4. Or just go to Dave Garcia’s website. He’s got them all up, though some google-fu is necessary to find all but the first issue. It’s all at his site (He was the artist), but there are no real direct links to the other four issues or so and the side-stories, one of which actually features Usagi.

    It’s an interesting read that I haven’t yet finished, but so far I can’t make heads or tails of it. At least it’s about a hundred thousand times better than I’d expect Pre-Teen Dirty Gene Kung-fu Kangaroos or Cold-Blooded Chameleon Commandos to be (These are real. TMNT was ripped off in comic book form too, not just cartoons. Most of them, though, are supposed to be terrible. YMMV, of course.)

    P.S. I realize I’m nearly a year late to this party, but finding all the Abacus stuff is difficult, especially at a decent price. I just wanted to point out a useful alternative, assuming you haven’t found it (or nabbed the books already) yourself.

  5. I have all these still, and about 150 more. Great selections.

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