Animated Dark Knight Returns Pictures

The DC Comics animation department is going to earn their keep by finally making an animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns. And the first images from the upcoming cartoon movie – which is going to be split into 2 parts – hit the Internet today. The animation looks sleek, that’s for sure. The first part will be released this fall, and the second part sometime in early 2013.

A true Batman beat down

For those who don’t know, The Dark Knight Returns was the Batman comic book that redefined the character as a dark, violent vigilante. It was an intense psychological look at Batman, treating him with the kind of respect and realism that just wasn’t common in comic books at the time. Released in 1986, the 4-part mini-series paved the way for Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989, and the effects are still being felt today in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Until The Dark Knight Returns came out, Batman was most known for the hugely campy Adam West series from the 1960s.

Batman to be voiced by Peter Sellers (Robo-Cop)

The story is set in the near future, after Bruce Wayne retired from crimefighting. Without Batman to keep the streets clean, violent gangs have started rising up to threaten the people of Gotham. Urged by the dark forces within him, an aging Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl once again to clean up the streets – only to learn the hard way that he isn’t as young and limber as he once was. Joined by a new female Robin, Bruce must defeat the street gangs as well as face down old foes like the Joker and Two-Face.

Seriously, this is one damn good Batman story.

Robin to be voiced by Airel Winter (Modern Family)

Though personally I expect this cartoon will be very similar to Batman: Year One and All-Star Superman, both of which were adapted from classic comic book stories. This animated Dark Knight Returns is going to be well-made, well-acted and it will stick very close to the story. But even with the best in superhero animation at the helm, it’s simply not going to be as good as the book that inspired it. Which is fine. The book is usually always better.

Leader of the street gang ‘The Mutants’

Click here for more information and more pictures.

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