6 Avengers That I Absolutely Want to See in Future Movies

Anyone who has read my blog over the past few weeks has seen an abundance of Avengers coverage. Because I am absolutely off the wall with excitement for this movie. I’ve got my ticket for midnight Thursday, and I may even see it at least once more this weekend. I have been waiting for a movie like this my entire life, and I have been waiting for The Avengers for 4 years. The anticipation is mind-numbing!

To celebrate the release week, I knew I wanted to do an Avengers-themed list. But since I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ve decided to focus my list on future sequels. From the early reviews and the few spoilers I’ve read, I know that The Avengers is not filled with tons of character cameos and Easter Eggs to comics fans. Though you should definitely stay and see the after-credits teaser. So I thought a good idea for a list would be ‘6 Things I Want to See in the Sequel’, but then I realized that the list would just be different comic book characters that I want to show up…so I’m just going to write that list!

Or you can check out an earlier list I wrote about 6 Avengers Who Won’t Be in The Movie. Either way, click the jump for 6 Avengers that I want to see in future sequels.

6. Stingray

Because all stingrays are white and red

This entry is a little silly, but I’m including it because I am a huge Stingray fan. He’s just got a spectacular costume, and doesn’t get nearly enough attention or respect in the comics. Stingray would be a poor man’s Aquman if Marvel didn’t already have Namor the Sub-Mariner. He’s Walter Newell, an oceanographer and research scientist who created his super-suit more for undersea exploration than for fighting crime. Even superheroes have to make a living, right? Stingray has had several undersea research labs, and when the Avengers needed a place to crash, he let them use the labs as a base. Because underwater superhero bases are the next coolest thing after orbiting satellites and volcano lairs.

Now obviously, Stingray isn’t going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Captain America or Iron Man. But he doesn’t have to! Just make Walter Newell a SHIELD agent like Hawkeye and Black Widow. He can be their submarine pilot. All the writers would have to do is come up with some reason for the Avengers to go underwater, then Walter could be making small talk with Cap and say something like, “So hey, my codename is Stingray and I have this special diving suit…maybe I could join the Avengers?” Cap would then politely turn him down.


5. Ultimate Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

That's...quite the hug

Anyone who has read The Ultimates volumes 1 and 2 knows exactly how badass Ultimate Quicksilver used to be. And since the two are twins, it only makes sense to have them appear together. Quicksilver has super speed, and the Scarlet Witch has some weird probability-altering power…but let’s just say she can do magic. Together, they are former villains and the children of a terrorist who decided to rebel against their father and instead become good guys. Their teammates always doubted their loyalties, but Quicksilver especially never gave up, and had several moments in the series where he was the lone hero rising to the challenge to save the day. This guy was the ultimate badass.

And since The Avengers movie is already taking a lot of cues from The Ultimates comic, I think they should definitely take the Ultimate versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch over their normal universe versions. And not just because the Ultimate costumes are better.

Non-Ultimate Quicksilver has never had a good costume

But there is one big glaring problem with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – and no, I’m not talking about all the implied incest, though that also has to go. That terrorist father I mentioned earlier? Yeah, that’s Magneto. Perhaps you remember him as the lead villain in all four X-Men movies – which are made by FOX, who hold the franchise licenses for all the X-Men and mutant characters. The Avengers movies are made by Disney, and since this isn’t a perfect world, never the two shall meet. Fortunately, Marvel’s main movie guy Kevin Feige was recently asked about the rights issue, and he said, “It’s a little complicated, but if they want to use them in the X-Men movie they could, if we want to use them in The Avengers movie, we could.”

So it looks like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could appear in a future Avengers movie. That’s pretty darn cool. Though I’m not a stickler for movie to comic continuity, so I don’t need any direct references to Magneto to be happy. I didn’t get my panties in a twist when X-Men: First Class didn’t star the actual first class from the comics. Or when the Incredible Hulk got his powers from a gamma lab experiment instead of a gamma bomb. If the writers need to make some cosmetic changes in order to make a character fit in the movie world, I’m fine with that. But a brother and sister pair, with a shady past, cool powers and their rather distinct personalities would be awesome additions to the team.


4. Tigra

Two words: good kitty

The Avengers needs more chicks. I realize it’s asking far too much in this day and age to have a superhero movie starring a heroine, but they couldn’t add any other female characters to the cast? They had to squeeze Black Widow into Iron Man 2 and then drag her along for The Avengers just to ensure that the movie wasn’t going to be a total sausage fest. I mean granted, there aren’t a lot of female Avengers who don’t have character baggage to worry about, or aren’t just female derivatives of male heroes (She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, etc.). Nor are there a lot of female Avengers who could headline their own movie. But Tigra would be absolutely perfect as just a supporting character in a team film like The Avengers. She’s got a great visual and an easy to understand origin: she’s like a werewolf, but with a tiger instead. Simple as that! Plus her ‘costume’ basically amounts to just a bikini over a hot tiger lady body! And it’s not like Tigra’s origin is all that important to her character. Just say that SHIELD found her in a jungle somewhere and taught her how to do karate. Instant character!


3. Ultron

From that time he conquered space

The Avengers have crap for villains. Why do you think they’re borrowing the villain from the Thor movie? Because there are no classic Avengers villains who could support a movie on their own – except for Ultron. But man, oh man, does Ultron have a lot of backstory and setting up to do first. You can’t just have Ultron the evil robot show up and be a bad guy. He needs to be explained to really be good. And they simply didn’t have time to explain Ultron in the first Avengers film when they’ve already got to explain the Avengers themselves. So I say save Ultron for the sequel. Or do what the cartoon show The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes recently did, and save Ultron for the threequel! Ultron is the kind of character who you can set up in one movie, and then reveal him to be a villain in the next movie.

Ultron’s story is pretty basic: he’s an evil robot. It’s his backstory that makes him truly interesting. Ultron is an artificial intelligence created by one of the Avengers, Hank Pym. Hank was just looking to build a robot who could help out around the team, and he succeeded! Until Ultron fell back on the whole ‘wipe out the meatbags’ thing that sometimes happens to robots. Well in the recent cartoon, Hank Pym created Ultron, and then Ultron was actually a member of the Avengers for an episode or two. He was a super strong, super impervious robot who could fight alongside the other superheroes. It was only later that Ultron was revealed to be working to destroy humanity behind the scenes, with the ability to compromise the Avengers and darken everything they stand for.

So I say have Ultron show up as a good guy in the second film. He’s a robotic artificial intelligence who can help out the Avengers – then in the threequel, have him betray the Avengers! He’s the kind of evil robot who has millions of robotic minions, and can take over computers and the like. So he’d definitely be a worldwide threat. Just have Ultron infect the Internet and there you have a threat that only the Avengers can solve! This stuff practically writes itself.


2. Hank and Janet Pym

Doctor Strange is their marriage counselor

Of course, you can’t have Ultron without the guy who invented him. And you can’t have Hank Pym without his wife! Well you could have either of them without the other, but why would you want to? They work better as a couple than apart because it adds that new, unique dynamic of a superhero husband and wife. There aren’t very many of those out there in comic book land. Their dialogue would be different from the other heroes, and their priorities. Or maybe you could bring them in separately and have them fall in love over the course of the movie. Hollywood loves to add a romance to superhero movies. And considering all the leads (Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk) already have love interests in their own movies, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne could be two Avengers who hook up while on the team together.

Hank Pym has had many superhero identities, all of them based around the super-power to either grow really tall or shrink down really small. But considering Janet shrinks down really small as the Wasp, Hank would better be served as his Giant-Man identity. I think both powers would just look really cool on the big screen. Plus neither of them would need much in the way of background explanation. They’re both scientists who used science to give themselves super-powers! Simple as that! Plus you’ve got the fact that both Hank (as Ant-Man) and the Wasp were two of the founding members of the Avengers from the comic, and they’re almost guaranteed a future appearance. In fact, according to director Joss Whedon himself in an interview with the New York Daily News, Wasp was even featured in early scripts of The Avengers movie.

There was a version of the script, back when Johansson wasn’t involved, that featured a female superhero named the Wasp. Whedon had to scrap that script, and was making changes to his final version even as the effects people were starting work on the 40-minute battle that closes the movie. “Trying to figure out the way you want to introduce all those characters, that was stuff we were still tweaking in the edit,” says Whedon.

If they stick with the Ultimates influence, it would be hard to avoid the domestic abuse that seemed to be a big part of the marriage. I don’t know how dark Marvel would be willing to take their movie, but Hank Pym was notoriously abusive towards his wife Janet. It happened only once in the normal Avengers comics, but it was a big part of their relationship in the Ultimates universe.

As was creepy leather bondage gear

So I don’t know if Marvel would want to include that in a future Avengers sequel. I would definitely recommend including it, because the movies should first and foremost be about the characters. And it would create a lot of interesting dynamics on the team if they had to deal with something like domestic abuse between two of their members. The Captain America vs. Giant Man fight from the Ultimates would be perfect in a future movie. Or maybe it would just be far too dark for a superhero film. That is also a distinct possibility. Either way, both would be great additions to the cast. In fact, they’re the most obvious additions, except for one character…


1. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man

Not an actual movie image, sadly

I don’t think any of the previous characters on this list could carry a whole movie on their own. That’s not a fault against them, it’s just how mainstream Hollywood works. For them to be introduced in an Avengers sequel, they’d have to either just show up in the movie or get a soft introduction like Black Widow and Hawkeye had in the Iron Man and Thor movies. Well there is one Avenger who has his own solo movie coming, and could easily follow the same route as the big four – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk – into starring in the next Avengers film: Ant-Man! This pint-sized hero’s movie has been in some form of production for going on 8 years now, with a script written by one of my all-time favorite directors: Edgar Wright!

Rocking the long hair and beard

You may know Wright from such geektacular movies as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! Otherwise known as three of my favorite movies of all time! Wright and his production partners have been trying to knock out an Ant-Man script for years, with the movie all but ready to start production, I think. There is a very, very good chance that we’ll be seeing Wright’s Ant-Man movie within the next few years, and definitely in time for the Avengers sequel. In fact, Ant-Man already would have been part of The Avengers had Wright gotten his movie completed sooner.

Marvel movie guru Paul Feige most recently had this to say about Ant-Man:

“Edgar’s still working on that project, and it’s closer than ever. But it’s been eight years we’ve been working with him, and we finally decided we couldn’t keep putting more people in. If Ant Man had come out four years ago, it would certainly have been part of the puzzle.”

 So I really, really want Wright to make his Ant-Man movie, and then I really, really want Ant-Man to join the Avengers for the sequel. Some of you might be saying that Ant-Man and Hank Pym are one and the same, and to that I say: not quite. All the previous characters on this list are hypothetical additions, based on comic book characters. But as I’ve been saying, Ant-Man is going to be an actual movie, and a character who may or may not have anything to do with Hank Pym and the comic book Ant-Man. Movie Ant-Man is a different character from comic book Hank Pym, so they both deserve a spot on this list.

Just think of all the ant merchandise potential!

Way back in 2006, Wright gave an interview about the Ant-Man film in which he said it would involve both Hank Pym and Scott Lang, and it would be a serious, science/action movie with comedic elements, rather than a straight up comedy or spoof. There would be a split in that Pym was Ant-Man in the 1950s, and then the movie would flash forward to Lang in the modern day, picking up the legacy. I think that could be pretty cool. Though there’s no way of knowing if that plot is still part of the most recent scripts, which Wright said he was working on last summer. Either way, Ant-Man would be easy to introduce into the Marvel movie universe. His powers are science-based, and all you’d have to do is make him some kind of agent of SHIELD. Or have SHIELD recruit him. Or something to do with SHIELD. Whatever the plot or the background of the character, he would be a very easy fit into the Avengers movieverse.

But who would play Ant-Man? I’m terrible at these dream casting games, but I think Wright’s long-time collaborator Simon Pegg would be perfect!

All the nerd ladies will swoon

He could give Ant-Man that geek appeal, while adding some humor to the Avengers lineup. But then isn’t that Simon Pegg’s career now? To play the geeky, funny guy in whatever movie he’s in? Like Star Trek or that new Mission Impossible? I love me some Simon Pegg, but I’m almost worried that he’d be too overexposed to play Ant-Man. Or maybe that’s exactly the kind of star power that Ant-Man needs. Either way, both Pegg and Ant-Man would be perfect for the Avengers sequel!


So what do you think of my suggestions? Would you like to see any of them on the big screen in the Avengers sequel? Who did I leave out? Which Avengers would you like to see in the next movie? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Spider-Man and Wolverine. BAM! I think those two may be the best comedic duo in comic books. Being in the pictures together would be astounding. I have dreams of Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield riffing off each other. Then put them with the rest of the Avengers cast, throw in some Whedon dialoque, and BAM! Movie Perfection.

    Of course that will never happen. So Dr. Strange would also be nice. I like it when Iron Man gets all like “Magic isn’t real. It’s just technology.”

    And then Dr. Strange is all like “Well poof, now you’re a frog.”


    • I will never embrace Spider-Man and Wolverine as Avengers. So there. I still just kind of consider them as guest stars in all the Avengers books.

      • Well duh. SHIELD aren’t Avengers either! Movies don’t care. Personally I don’t care about any actual Avenger. Ultimates are great. But pretty much all the 616 Avengers are far less cool than most other super heroes.

  2. Brittany Mendiola

    I do like the idea of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s involvment in the movies. That would be interesting to see. And, yes, I think they should include Wasp and Hank Pym. Why? Because Ultron is one of the most badass Avengers villians, I’ve ever seen. Ultron would really throw the Avengers into chaos.

    • I chose not to put this into my list, but remember that scene in Thor when Dr. Selvig mentions a scientist friend of his who was working in gamma radiation, then SHIELD showed up and he was never heard from again? Everybody thought that was Bruce Banner, but Kevin Feige has revealed that it was supposed to be Hank Pym, but they decided to take his name out at the last minute!

      • Brittany Mendiola

        Wha?! OMG, I never knew that. That’s sneaky. They should’ve put Hank Pym’s name in. I seriously just want an Ultron tie-in. That’s my opinion.

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