‘Spider-Men’ is as Obvious as Everyone Thought

Breaking news this morning is that the regular Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe are finally going to have a crossover called Spider-Men, in which Peter Parker is going to meet and trounce evil alongside Miles Morales. It’ll be a 5-issue mini-series starting in June. This story has been teased for a few months now, but it wasn’t until today that Marvel revealed that the ‘Spider-Men’ in the title were Peter and Miles.

But I, and I’m pretty sure everybody else, already guessed this months ago.

I didn’t report on it then because it was just a tease, and frankly I just didn’t feel like it because I’m not very interested in this idea.

I guess it falls to young Miles to tell Peter Parker about the brutal murder of Ultimate Peter Parker

Maybe I could have been interested a few years ago, when the Ultimate Universe meant something. But after Ultimatum and the rest of the crap that the Ultimate Universe has been through the past years, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s worthless, dried up and far more bound and complicated by its own continuity than the normal Marvel Universe.

The Ultimate Universe is no longer special. So who cares if normal Peter Parker happens to meet the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe? Peter Parker has probably met a bunch of alternate versions of himself, or been exposed to concepts like the Multiverse. It’s just not going to be all that important to him.

Whereas it could absolutely ruin the young Miles Morales.

So basically the story is going to revolve around an 11-year-old kid hanging out with a 30+-year-old man

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m currently reviewing Miles’ series, the Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man. And I’m really enjoying it. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and regular artist Sara Pichelli are telling one fantastic story about a young boy who gets spider-powers and decides to do the right thing and pick up where Peter Parker (now dead) left off. It’s a very grounded tale, with Miles juggling his family, his school work and the fact that he doesn’t know the first thing about being a superhero or how to fight people. It’s a good book.

But at only 9 issues so far, the last thing it needs is to be thrown into some insane cross-dimensional story that has him meeting an adult version of the kid he’s replaced.

I’ve said this in my reviews: it will only hurt the grounded, realistic tone of Miles Morales’ comic if you start including references to the more insane parts of superheroics. He’s still taking baby steps into the world of being a hero. Don’t spoil it for something like this.

But no doubt it will sell and make money, so most likely an editor wanted it to happen.

Here’s a quote from Spider-Men writer Bendis about the mini-series:

“For the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, what everyone was looking for was a Spider-Man story that mattered,” says series writer Brian Michael Bendis. “Well, here you go.”

Then if we read the Bleeding Cool version of this story, the writers from that site remember that Bendis has always said that he doesn’t even consider the Ultimate Universe to be an alternate universe to the normal Marvel. He’s always been opposed to some kind of crossover. So read his comment again with that in mind.

I just hope it doesn’t matter too much.

You can read more about this here.

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  1. Ha, that stinks. Well….whatever. I do think that a crossover between the two universes wouldn’t have been that awful an idea if they did it back when they first teased it. It was in Ultimate Fantastic Four when they first introduced Alternate Universes as a concept in the Ultimate world. And they teased us that Ultimate Reed Richards had been talking to 616 reed Richards. Then suddenly Zombies. And that launched the successful Marvel Zombie line of comics and merchandise.

    Maybe it was for the best that the Ultimate and 616 universes didn’t cross over. Marvel Zombies was ok. I read a couple bits here and there. I even read when it crossed over with Evil Dead. Which means that since Ultimate Universe is just an alternate reality of 616, then Ash and the Evil Dead series is also just an alternate reality of the 616. So there you go. Now we can get some Ash and Wolverine team-ups going. Also since Disney owns Marvel, we can finally see a Phineas and Ferb and Ash comic book.

    Man, I should be in marketing.

    But I do think that 616 Reed Richards would have had an interesting take on the Ultimate Universe. Meeting a raw, untapped Reed Richards, just starting to make all the same mistakes and discoveries that he once made could have done him a lot of good.

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