6 Super-Villains That I Want to See On the Big Screen

The best superhero movies are also the ones with the best villains. Would Spider-Man 2 have been so great had Doctor Octopus not been such a sympathetic and tragic character? All four X-Men movies have given Magneto a starring role, and for good reason. And the late Heath Ledger redefined the Joker with his incredible, Oscar-winning performance. The superheroes may be the stars of the flick, but a great super-villain can easily steal the show!

The only super-villain recognized by the Academy

There have been some fantastic super-villains on the big screen. From General Zod’s immortal demand that Superman “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” in Superman 2, to the gregarious Loki pulling double-duty as the villain in both Thor and The Avengers. But being the notorious comic book geek that I am, I know of many classic and fantastic super-villains who have yet to see any motion picture love. So here is my list of 6 super-villains who have never appeared in feature films before, but definitely should!

6. Scorpion – Spider-Man

Green scorpions? Blue and red spiders? Has anybody ever actually seen these bugs?

Who is he: Private eye Mac Gargan was transformed into the villainous Scorpion specifically to defeat the Amazing Spider-Man! Bank-rolled by skin-flint newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson, Scorpion’s enhanced powers and cybernetic costume eventually drove him insane!

Why he should be in pictures: Scorpion would make a fantastic visual villain with his big prehensile tail and stinger. He could be truly terrifying if they play up his insectoid look and feel. People are freaked out by creepy crawly bugs, so use that to make the Scorpion seem more monstrous. Keep him a man in a costume, but make him kind of bug-like in his movements and the sounds he makes. Scorpion would also make a good antagonist as someone created specifically to destroy Spider-Man. Most villains in the Spider-Man movies were created on their own and Spidey just gets involved to stop them. With Scorpion, it could be more personal.

If I was writing the story: Keep the anti-Spider-Man origin and the J. Jonah Jameson angle for the movie. I would have Scorpion funded by a consortium of like-minded men and woman, Jameson among them, who want a better hero than Spider-Man, one they can control. At the start of the film, make Scorpion a public hero – but keep Mac Gargan as a bully and a jackass. He harasses Spider-Man when they meet each other, even while both of them are trying to help people. But over the course of the film, have Scorpion’s powers drive him more and more insane. By the end, he’s an out-of-control monster who Spider-Man has to put down. Spidey can doubt himself in the face of a bigger, stronger hero that the public actually likes – and then in the end, he’s the only one who can stop Scorpion.


5. M.O.D.O.K. – Captain America

Just think, somewhere in that hoverchair is his bathroom

Who is he: Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing! He’s freakin’ M.O.D.O.K. baby! But M.O.D.O.K. is more than just a giant head in a robotic hoverchair with itty bitty arms and legs sticking out, he’s a super scientist covered in massive firepower! He’s also the leader of A.I.M., a group of evil scientists trying to take over the world! They turned poor George Tarleton into that monstrosity, but granted him increased intelligence and powers in the process!

Why should he be in pictures: I know M.O.D.O.K. is a strange choice, his look being absolutely weird. But he’s the combination of amazing visual and dangerous intellect, which would be perfect as a big screen super-villain. If the filmmakers can find some way to not make him look ridiculous, then you’ve got a perfectly vile and ugly villain for Captain America to defeat. He’d be a better choice than Arnim Zola with his head in a TV, that’s for sure.

If I was writing the story: Make M.O.D.O.K. and AIM the modern-day equivalent of the Red Skull and HYDRA from the first movie. Whatever happened to all that advanced HYDRA technology from WWII? It’s wound up in the hands of AIM in the present, and they are up to no good making more advanced improvements in order to conduct the Global War on Terror! And only Captain America can stop them due to his familiarity with the weapons. As for M.O.D.O.K. himself, I’d recommend having him start the movie as just a normal guy, George Tarleton, one of AIM’s lead scientists. But have him undergo some kind of Super Soldier transformation of his own – only instead of a perfect body, he transforms over the course of the movie into a big-headed, little-bodied, hideous monster. Then by the end of the film, debut him in his hoverchair as a fanatically insane villain!


4. Avalanche – X-Men

The ‘A’ belt buckle is a nice touch

Who is he: Dominic Petros is a mutant with the power to create earthquakes. For decades, he’s always been more of a henchman than a stand alone villain, one who is often a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Why he should be in pictures: The power to create earthquakes makes Avalanche perfect for the anti-mutant political intrigue that infuses the X-Men movies. He’s the kind of evil mutant that the humans and the governments are afraid of, the kind that could destroy entire cities if he felt like it. He may not have the kinds of powers that could go toe-to-toe in a fistfight with Wolverine, but he’d make for a great overall threat that the X-Men have to defeat.

If I was writing the story: Avalanche probably couldn’t carry a movie on his own as a main villain,  so I say stick him in the X-Men: First Class sequel as one of Magneto’s new recruits to the Brotherhood. Avalanche is the kind of villain who could hole entire cities hostage, so Magneto would be eager to recruit him. One idea that writers might explore is what motivates a mutant to join Magneto instead of the X-Men. Magneto’s always had a colorful band of mutants at his side, but it’s rarely explored on a personal level why they decided to become evil mutants. It’s not enough to just group bad guys together. Magneto has always thought of himself as a good guy, so surely his minions have a similar thought process.

They could use Avalanche to show us why someone would become a henchman of Magneto. In fact, they might make Magneto and his Brotherhood the stars of the sequel instead of the X-Men. We know what happens to them. But what does Magneto go through in forming his Brotherhood? Everybody loved Michael Fassbender’s performance in X-Men: First Class, so make him and his band of ugly, villainous mutants the stars of the next film! Avalanche included.


3. Star Sapphire – Green Lantern

With costumes like these, why have there not been any movies starring superheroines?

Who is she: You’ve heard of Green Lanterns, but what about Pink Lanterns? There’s a whole rainbow of different-colored Lantern Corps, and we only got a taste of the Skittles in the first Green Lantern film. Star Sapphire is actually Carol Ferris, the girlfriend from the first movie, but given a ring and powers all her own. And instead of the steadfast strength of willpower, the Star Sapphire wields the crazy, wild emotion of love!

Why she should be in pictures: A super-villain who looks like that? You really need to ask? Skimpiest superhero costume EVER! Put Blake Lively in that costume on a movie poster and you’d have male viewers piling into the theater by the billions. Plus the fact that her villain is based entirely on her love of Green Lantern, that continues the romantic subplot that Hollywood-logic insists the womenfolk all way to see. Having Carol Ferris turn into Star Sapphire in a Green Lantern sequel would also, finally, give the superhero’s girlfriend something to do! Mary Jane Watson, Betty Ross, Lois Lane, Rachel Dawes, Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, and on and on and on; the only role they have is as girlfriend or damsel in distress or the like. For once, a superhero’s girlfriend could actually have a substantial, ass-kicking role!

If I was writing the story: No doubt, if Green Lantern gets a sequel (and that’s a BIG if!), then Sinestro and his Yellow Power Ring is going to be the villain. It was teased at the end of the first film. Which is fine, make Sinestro the villain. He doesn’t necessarily need his entire Sinestro Corps (maybe a few), but the central conflict would be Hal Jordan vs. Sinestro. Adding Star Sapphire as a second adversary would certainly spice things up. While Hal is dealing with Sinestro, he’s also suddenly going to have to deal with the fact that a Pink Power Ring has suddenly appeared out of the cosmos and it has claimed his girlfriend. Carol would start out as a villain, possessed by the Star Sapphire, but by the end of the film, I would have her regain control of her mind and use her new powers to help Hal defeat Sinestro. She’d be perfect as a villain turned ally.


2. Mandarin – Iron Man

Old people as super-villains? Genius!

Who is he: As Iron Man’s arch-rival, the Mandarin is an ancient evil Chinese warlord who uses 10 magical rings to try and control the world. Each ring controls a different element – from fire to shadows to mental telepathy – making him a devastatingly powerful villain.

Why he should be in pictures: Mandarin is the villain on this list most likely to actually appear in movies. In fact, many people were surprised that Mandarin wasn’t used as the villain in the first Iron Man movie, let alone the second. But the fact that he’s kind of always been a Chinese stereotype hasn’t helped. But Mandarin should appear for more reasons than just being the Joker to Iron Man’s Batman. Mandarin represents the power of magic vs. Iron Man’s power of technology. In the first two films, Iron Man fought guys in mechanical suits like him. For the third film, which we know is going to get made, Iron Man should face off against someone ideologically different.

If I was writing the story: Get rid of the Chinese connection, and in fact get rid of the name ‘Mandarin’ as well. If you recall from the first Iron Man movie, the terrorists who kidnapped Tony Stark were the known as the Ten Rings. That’s a pretty straight forward reference, I should think. Make the new Mandarin a Middle Eastern terrorist villain who controls the same rings. In fact, I say you bring back Raza, the terrorist leader who kidnapped Stark in the first place. The one who was later betrayed by Obadiah Stane. He was scarred and humiliated by Stark and Stane, someone he might consider just as bad as Stark. Then have Raza get the rings somehow. I say you make the Ten Rings terrorist group based on just the legend of the rings. They don’t actually have them. Then say that Raza spent the time period of Iron Man 2 searching and acquiring the rings. Now that he has them (or maybe he only has 8 or 9 of them) he’s started to strike back against Tony Stark, and it can be a race to the finish to get the final, most powerful rings. Tony might even have to give up his technology to put on the last ring and use it to defeat Raza.


1. Doomsday – Superman

Hollywood should not rest until this is in theaters

Who is he: This big, bad mofo is the alien sumbitch that actually killed Superman! A brutal, monstrous villain from beyond the stars, Doomsday is the ultimate evil killing machine. He’s all rock-hard muscle and deadly spikes. Just look at those spikes! He’d be hell on a dance floor. Whatever secrets origins Doomsday has, they don’t matter. When he first appeared in comics, he was just this big, unstoppable force of devastating nature that only Superman could stand against.

Why he should be in pictures: Because the world has had enough of Lex Luthor and General Zod! There’s a new Superman movie coming out next year, and I’m pretty sure that it ONCE AGAIN will feature General freakin’ Zod! I realize that everybody in the world loved Zod and his pals in the classic Superman 2, but Superman has a large and vast Rogue’s Gallery of villains. General Zod is only a small part of that. There are plenty more villains who are powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Superman, with Doomsday at the very top. Doomsday killed Superman. Doomsday is the ultimate foe for the Man of Steel! He can’t be bought, he can’t be reasoned with, he can’t be stopped! Forget Lex Luthor and his cerebral challenges to the Man of Steel. Give us the big, blockbusting, knuckledusting, drag out, beat down, apocalyptic brawl that we’ve all been waiting for in a Superman movie!

If I was writing the story: The original ‘Death of Superman’ story with Doomsday was pretty simple. Fun fact: I have read the novelization, but never the actual comic. Weird, right? Anyway, the basic idea is that Doomsday all of a sudden wakes up from being imprisoned somewhere underground in the U.S. He punches his way to freedom, and then starts an unstoppable pilgrimage to Metropolis, home of the mighty Superman! Doomsday leaves only devastation and destruction in his wake. I say keep this origin. In fact, keep most of the story in tact. Don’t explain where Doomsday came from, don’t explain him at all. Just show that he’s a monster, and the military can’t stop him; no one can stop him.

Except Superman.

Don’t bring in the Justice League and the other heroes. Just Superman. Have an encounter early on where Superman gets his butt whooped. Then spend the rest of the movie with Superman having to find the courage to continue, while perhaps dealing with some other issues on the side. Maybe Lex Luthor is doing something. But all the while, have Doomsday continue his non-stop path of destruction. You could get in some real Superman pathos when it comes to the greatest hero on Earth needing to find the courage to go back into the fight, because he’s the only one who can stop Doomsday – even if it might kill him. Then, of course, end with the greatest superhero fight in the  history of comic book movies.

Whether or not they end with the death of Superman would be up to the movie maker. I suggest making him appear dead…then maybe, while a sobbing Lois is holding his body in her arms, he whispers her name…then fade to black!


Who are some famous super-villains that you’d like to see in the movies? I left off do-overs, but are there any villains you want to see done over again? A new Green Goblin? A new Poison Ivy? Tell me in the comments!

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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. The Flash’s Rogues. But you need most of them. How awful would a Flash movie be if he only fought Captain Cold? Or worse, what if he fought none of them? Personally I don’t think an interesting Flash movie would be likely at all. But if they went and made one, they’d need the Rogues.

    I think Taskmaster makes a compelling enough character for a film. Maybe not a big summer blockbuster, but he could do some good as maybe the bad guy in the Deadpool film. Or he could be Deadpool’s buddy…like he is. I would also love it if Hollywood forced him back into the much cooler outfit from his time in the Deadpool series. The Orange and Blue ensemble is awful.

    The Sinister Six, however, is what I most wanted to see in a Spider-Man movie. The super hero films always take place around the time when the hero is just starting out. Usually that’s the origin story. So in these movies, not only is the concept of a super hero a new thing, so is the concept of super villains. But let’s say that Sam Raimi got to make a 4th Spider-Man. By then all of New York is used to the idea of a Spider-Man running around saving everybody. And now that they’ve survived Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom, and another Green Goblin, well super villains aren’t such a novel cncept. So now you could do a movie where you don’t have to waste all that time explaining why these particular people become super villains. By then it just becomes “a thing you do”. So suddenly Spider-Man can fight 6 villains in one movie.

    Instead of the focus being on how are there 6 super villains in existence, it will be on how are all 6 of these villains fighting Spider-Man at the same time. The story would be about teaming up to promote villainous agendas rather than 6 different origin stories. I think that’d be cool. Also the line-up would be: Lizard, Kraven, Shocker, Vulture, Rhino, and Sandman (once he gets over himself). Only the Lizard would need an origin story since Curt Conners was already introduced into the movie series. The rest could just show up. It’d be great. Also because I don’t think Lizard will be able to carry a whole movie by himself.

  2. I once had a similar idea for a Sinister Six. Basically that guys like Shocker or Vulture or even Kraven don’t need complex origin stories that take up the whole movie. They could easily just be quickly introduced and explained, and then that should be enough for the fans to understand. Sinister Six would be relatively easy to pull off character wise.

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