Robin Will Be Appearing in Dark Knight Rises

Sort of.

At least in Easter Egg form.

The first full trailer for the third and final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies was posted online yesterday. And even though Nolan has repeatedly said that Robin will not be appearing in his films, did everyone happen to catch this brief bit during the football game scene in the trailer?

I have no idea what that middle letter is though

Word on the Internet has it that fans were told to bring their own signs, so kudos to the fan holding that letter ‘R’. But even still, Nolan is the director and editor. So he or someone high up edited this trailer and cut and spliced the movie together. Someone has left this ‘R’ in the film and there is no way they couldn’t see it. You see it, right?

If not, check out the Robin logo:

You see it now

Clever girl.

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  1. Nolan Made it clear in the beginning that he is presenting young,No Robin….

  2. Very cool. Even if there isn’t a Robin in this movie, that’s still pretty awesome of whoever brought that sign. I wouldn’t have noticed that. Good catch! ^_^

  3. Very cool that someone brought in that R sign – did anyone notice the football players name when he turned around to look at the field? It said “Ward” – just another little fun Robin insert (as in Burt Ward – the dude that played the original Robin) – or is it a character in the Batman series I just don’t know about? Anyways, thanks for the Robin posts!

  4. personally, i think they NEED to put a Robin in the movie, prefarably the Tim Drake Robin, but if not, then at least make a seperate movie for Robin anyone feel me on this 1?
    and same goes with Nightwing but yea…

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