Mimic to Return to Comics; All 6 Fans Rejoice!

So this is some comic news that will excite all half a dozen fans of The Mimic, myself included. The Mimic will appear in an upcoming storyline of X-Men: Legacy sometime in 2012.

Long thought lost and forgotten after his Dark X-Men appearance, the Mimic’s upcoming issues were announced by X-Men: Legacy writer Christos Gage in an Oct. 16 interview with iFanboy. X-Men: Legacy stars Rogue as a teacher to young mutants, and she has taken Wolverine’s side after X-Men: Schism. Here’s what Gage had to say:

In my second arc, we’ll see Mimic and Weapon Omega show up, and chances are good that at least one of them will be around for a while.

Exciting news! Mimic is one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. He has appeared in comics only a handful of times since his debut in the 1960s. So every little appearance is something to be celebrated. As I said, this news isn’t very interesting to anyone except Mimic fans. And this blog post is for them.

I’m not foolish enough to get my hopes up that Mimic will be the one of them sticking around for awhile.

Orange ad proud

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  1. is it true that deer can’t see orange?

  2. I don’t know…is it? That might be something worth investigating.

  3. latest issue of Legacy kind of felt like an intro issue to Mimic hopefully he gets to stay

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