Rush, The Greatest Character of the New DC

DC Comics told us everything would be new and exciting in their revamped universe, and boy were they right! Green Arrow #2 came out this past week, and it features the debut of the coolest, most exciting villain ever to grace the pages of a comic book. He’s dynamic, he’s in-your-face and he’s surely going to be a star from now on! Watch out, Joker! When they make a Green Arrow movie, surely it’s going to star this guy.

Who am I talking about?

Why, Rush, of course!

Thanks for the introduction

Now that’s what I call a punch! And check out that jacket! I can tell that Rush means business because he leaves it hanging open like that. You can see his hairless chest and everything. And those jeans, that hair; Rush is badass! I don’t even know what Green Arrow thinks he’s going to accomplish. All he’s got are bows and arrows, right Rush?

You tell him, Rush!

He’s got muscles and speed! Now that’s leading super-villain material! Rush spends the whole issue just kicking Green Arrow’s ass! And even more, he’s got a whole team of super-villains under his command! They follow his great leadership skills, and have become one of the most popular Internet destinations! Eat your heart out, Google. Rush and his band of villains miscreants are the real draw. They all debuted at the end of the first issue, in a cliffhanger that left me sizzling.

Let’s see, we’ve got…Green Twins; Blue Hair; Rush, of course; Lumpy down in front; Jackie Chan; Wolfman and Stunner

Character finds of the year, maybe the decade even. Everyone always claims that all the good villains are already created. Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Venom, Magneto, Sinestro…well Green Arrow #2 blows them all away! Rush is a glorious new entrant into the contest of Greatest Villain Ever. He’s got strength, he’s got speed and he’s got the coolest jacket in comics. And that name – ‘Rush’ – it perfectly sums up everything about the character. He’s fast, he’s got size and just reading about him is a ‘rush’ to the senses. Rush’s dialogue is also fantastic. I know that when I see new super-villains, I want them to be streetwise and hip to the latest lingo.

I bet ‘abuzz’ becomes his catch phrase! Everyone’s going to be ‘abuzz’ about Rush.

And not only is Rush a badass when it comes to fighting Green Arrow, but he’s also Internet-savvy.

This reminds me of that one South Park episode…

That is a man of the times.

You see, in this issue, Green Arrow is trying to put a hurtin’ on Rush’s crew. In Green Arrow #1, which I reviewed here, the Emerald Archer defeated chumps Supercharge and Dynamix. Well Rush wasn’t having that! He promptly broke those suckas outta jail. But it seems Green Arrow won’t learn his lesson. He think she can keep after Rush and his crew. Issue #2 starts out with Green Arrow fighting the Green Twins at the Seattle Space Needle.

Their names are Lime and Light, by the way. Get it?

Anyway, after that crap, Rush decides to call out Green Arrow. An attack on a member of his crew is an attack on Rush himself!

Man, Rush is funny

And like the dumbass he is, Green Arrow falls right into Rush’s trap! What a dim bulb! Green Arrow shows up at the arranged spot and he gets his green ass handed to him! Rush lets a few of his crew get in some punches, to boost morale, but mostly it’s the Rush man kicking Green Arrow to the curb. It’s just one freight-train like haymaker after another! Heck, Rush sums the whole thing up perfectly himself!

Yes you are, Rush, yes you are.

And in the end, it’s revealed that Rush has been broadcasting the whole fight on the Internet! So not only can he kick superhero ass, but he’s doing it for his fans as well! All 1,242,000 of them! And I bet as more and more people read this comic, there’s bound to be even more than that!

Is this guy dynamic or what? We’re witnessing the making of Green Arrow’s new arch-nemesis here! Not that Green Arrow ever had an old arch-nemesis. So this is perfect! He needed a Joker or Luthor-level villain, and Rush is perfect! Green Arrow can’t match his size, speed or jacket! I don’t know how Green Arrow will manage to defeat him. He’ll probably have to call in the Justice League for back up.

Maybe Superman can stand a chance against the awesome might of Rush, the character find of the new DC.



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  1. We HAVE to find that jacket! I now know who I’m going to Comic-Con dressed as! RUSH!

  2. you make me sick, a thrill killing sociopath with mediocre powers, a suckas costume and a team who are obvious alpha flight ripoffs the greatest find of the year?
    when did you review this, January first at 12:05 am? this guy’s not a supervision, he’s not even an ordinary villain. he’d have to grow some balls and really work at it to be called a punk. squirrel-girl would wipe the floor with this tool. he he showed up a a villain convention he’d kill everyone simple by making them laugh themselves to death

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