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New Ninja Turtles Trailer Has a Tiny Bit More Footage

The more I see of this new Ninja Turtles movie, the more I think it’s just going to be a big, dark, grim fest. This new trailer does not assuage my fears. Not that it’s really a new trailer, per se. It’s the old trailer, but with some new footage, including a few close shots of Donatello.

What is everybody else thinking about this movie? I keep getting the feeling that it’s going to be this weirdly dark, grim & gritty action flick with the Ninja Turtles running around. But what do I know? Maybe that’ll be awesome!

First Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer is Vintage Michael Bay, Also Features Turtles!

The first official trailer for the new Ninja Turtles movie hit the Internet today and – holy cow – it’s a game changer!

First things first, the Turtles looked pretty badass in motion. They’re big, imposing, but wonderfully animated. Did you see Leonardo? He was a god among ninjas! Though the up close look at Michelangelo’s face in the end, especially without the mask, looked really freaky. And not ‘mutant turtle freaky’, but ‘ugly giant baby face’ creepy. Still, I’m happy.

Second things second, I can’t remember the last time I saw such a ‘Michael Bay’ movie trailer. It’s insane. The music, the narration, the action scenes, ‘Michael Bay’ really has become his own style of moviemaking.

My Brain Just Exploded – Ninja Turtles LEGOs!

Holy crap, you guys. I literally started shaking when I saw this announcement. LEGO has secured the licensing rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they’re going to start producing LEGO sets at the start of the new year.

My inner child is bursting with joy

Granted, they’ll be based on the new Nickelodeon cartoon, and not the classic 1980s Ninja Turtles, but c’mon! Don’t hold that against them! What little they’ve revealed so far look positively amazing. I am an old school LEGO nerd from way back, and I can’t help but get giddy and excited every time LEGO announce a new geeky license. Star Wars, Batman, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and more have all gotten the LEGO treatment. And once again I have to ask, why didn’t we have these awesome LEGOs when I was a kid? Why was I forced to use my stupid imagination? Gah!

But the injustices of my childhood aside, this is utterly brilliant. The Turtle mini-figs look adorable, and they each come with accurate weapons.

Leonardo is the best Turtle

The only actual playset they’ve announced so far is one that involves the new version of the Turtle Van (I think), but you can visit this website to see all of the various mini-figs they’ve shown so far at the New York City Comic-Con. I still hate the new version of Splinter, but the Turtles look great, as do the Shredder, Krang and new evil mutant Dogpound. Though personally, I’ll always be a fan of Bebop and Rocksteady.

And unfortunately, Krang appears to be just painted onto the shirt instead of being an actual removable brain. Oh well.

I’m going to start saving my money now and hope that LEGO gets around to making sets of the classic Ninja Turtles from the 1980s.

Celebrating Independence Day with Some Turtles

A cute, kind of grungy little tribute animation to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These characters are open to so many interpretations, and this little video by Malcolm Sutherland is just delightful.

The 6 Most Tubular Non-Turtle TMNT Action Figures

The greatest thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure line from the early 1990s was that the toymakers just went nuts designing a whole slew of brand new characters. And they weren’t just turtles. They were lions and dragons and ducks and gorillas, oh my! These mutants almost never appeared in the actual cartoon, and rarely in the comics. They existed only to enrich the lives of the toy-buying public who didn’t just want to buy variations of the main four Ninja Turtles – though there were a lot of those as well.

These were wholly original characters sprung forth from very creative minds – and you can bet I owned a whole bunch!

This takes me back…

These unique TMNT characters fit right into my love of fan fiction. Characters that exist on the fringes of the world, but still part of the world, are exactly what I like to write when it comes to fan fiction. That’s why I love these additional TMNT characters so much. Toymakers did the same thing with G.I.Joes and Transformers, adding new characters just for the fun of it. I wish more toylines did this. They have all these superhero movie tie-in action figures, why not make a few more characters who exist in the comics but didn’t make it into the movies? Like a Dark Knight Rises version of Robin or the Riddler. Or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from The Avengers. I think it would be awesome.

What else is awesome? These 6 unique TMNT action figure characters! And anyone interested in checking out all of the TMNT toys, visit this glorious website, which I used to make this list.

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