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Five Movie Nerds who Aren’t as Nerdy as you Think

One of the most unfortunate tropes in movies is the introduction of a character that you can immediately label.  These archetypes help foreign audiences to understand the role of a character, even if they don’t understand that character’s background:  The supermodel cheerleader, the suave leading man, the funny fat guy, and the hopeless nerd, among dozens more.   As much as we may hate  it, Hollywood clings to these archetypes, even if they’re derogatory.


The nerd in film is just there, for the most part, to help the leading man or woman work through the plot of the story and disappear (possibly into a locker).  He may make funny jokes (Possibly locker-related), or come up with a clever invention (locker-related) to help save the world:  But the nerd will rarely, if ever, have his or her day.  But some of these big-screen nerds aren’t as nerdy as they let on.  Here are five nerds from film who are secretly awesome behind the scenes:
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