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New Valiant Comic About a Plus-Sized Superheroine is On My List!

A new comic book announcement caught my eye the other day — Zephyr, the first plus-sized superheroine to headline her own comic book. Zephyr is a supporting character at Valiant Comics, and in January, she’s going to start in her own four-issue mini-series called Faith. Zephyr’s secret identity is Faith Herbert, so it checks out.

Let’s hope this doesn’t get confused with “Faith + 1”

I’m all about inclusion and diversity when it comes to comic book superheroes, and this one took me completely by surprise. I’d never heard of the character, but she looks and sounds like a lot of fun. Faith is a geek who loves comics, and bases her superhero career on her favorites. She’s an optimistic, carefree woman who gets a job as a newspaper reporter.

This is kind of starting to sound like my life…

Love this cover

Anyway, Faith will be written by Jody Houser, with art by Francis Portela. You can read an interview with Houser at Comic Book Resources.

I think comic fans always enjoy seeing a fellow geek stepping into the role of the hero, but beyond that, Faith’s confidence and optimism is something that makes her stand out to me. She’s a plus-size woman who loves sci-fi and fantasy and enjoys sex, and is 100% comfortable with that. She has a very clear idea of what a hero should be, and is perfectly fine stepping away from people whose actions run counter to that.

You could say that Faith already has a strong sense of who she is; the real story is seeing just how much she can accomplish and grow.

The series, and the character, sound really cool. Someone remind me in January to pick up this comic!


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