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Fallout 4 Launch Trailer Arrives

The launch trailer for Fallout 4 was released today, and it is glorious. War never changes, but the world of Fallout is growing–hopefully into something beautiful.

The Teen Titans have been here before…

Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans Go!” goes meta, and pays homage to one of the best comics-based cartoons ever aired. These feels go beyond the fourth wall.

Rocky Doctor Picture Show!

What happens when the Doctor gets trapped in a time warp? Probably exactly what you think, if you read the title of this entry. This fantastic mashup of Doctor Who and Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Let’s do the Time Warp Again” is brought to you by The Hillywood Show. For more of their lovely parody videos, click HERE

Kung Fury

Remember that incredible David Hasselhoff video from a few weeks ago? It seemed to appear out of nowhere in some sort of glorious love-letter to the 1980s. Just as Hasselhoff single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall, he also brought down the walls around our hearts and made us feel again.

His music video was part of the soundtrack for LaserUnicorns’ “Kung Fury.” The 30-minute action epic is about a cop who was struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra after seeing his partner killed in action, and developed super kung fu powers. With the help of the greatest hacker of all time, he travels back in time to kill Hitler.

Superhero naming conventions are getting ridiculous adds yet another amazing parody, with a very good point about superhero names in the Marvel universe. Enjoy!

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