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Requiem for a Pony: The Legend of Derpy Hooves

Different is beautiful.

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Derpy Hooves.

If you’re reading this, then we suspect that you already know who she was; but if not, let me tell you the tale of one special little pony.

Derpy was a recurring background character on the popular cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She was originally un-named, but an animation error in the second part of the series premiere left her with characteristic “Derpy” eyes. When Internet fans began posting stills from the show to point out the mistake, Derpy became an Internet sensation. And as Derpy began to draw more attention, the show’s fans gave her a name: Derpy Hooves. Afterward, the familiar derp-eyed pony began making frequent appearances in the background of many episodes.

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Fans were overjoyed when she had her first speaking role in the Season 2 episode: The Last Roundup, where she was officially referred to by other characters as “Derpy”. She was given a somewhat silly voice, and turned out to be a bit of a clutz. Still, fans were happy to have some background on the pony they made famous. Namely, Derpy was a mail-pony who loved to eat muffins.

It was a show of Internet fan-service by the producers, and fans recieved the episode very well.

In January, however, Derpy ran into trouble. Several bloggers wrote articles questioning the sensitivity of such a character. Could “Derpy” be an offensive euphamism for the mentally handicapped? Hasbro began to look into it. When the episode was released to iTunes last week, fans were dismayed to find that Hasbro had reacted by removing the mention of her name from conversation, changing Derpy’s voice and, most unforgivably, un-derping her iconic eyes.

Fans took to the Internet in protest. Petitions were signed and angry letters were sent to the show’s writers. They, for the most part, believed the revocation of “true-Derpy” due to the complaints of a minority of fans who didn’t understand the point of the character. Hasbro, however, has stood by their decision to alter Derpy. The most special little horse in all of Equestria, as a result, became much less special.

Friendship is Magic is still a wonderful programme, and I highly recommend it. With the loss of Derpy Hooves, however, the show has lost something else, as well.

Sometimes, it’s the things that a show doesn’t say or point out to its audience that mean the most. We didn’t love Derpy because she simply looked silly, or had a funny voice. We didn’t see her as something to mock, and when we made fun, we did it out of love. What Derpy showed us was that you don’t have to be perfect to be a part of the herd. She showed us that you can be different and still be beautiful. You can still be a bit odd and still be liked. That was the lesson of Derpy Hooves: Derpy’s diversity made our love stronger. In that, Derpy will be missed, but she will always be remembered.

Facebook Fans announced March 1 to be “Derpy Day” in memoriam. Derpy Day will be celebrated with delivering mail by hand, eating muffins, making Derpy-eyes in the mirror and in photos, and by wearing grey.

FDR v. Nazi Werewolves 4 Hire

This is absolutely wrong, but so, so deliciously right in so many ways. We have so many memorable quotes (and Doctor Who appearances) from Churchill, and I think it’s only right that Roosevelt should be immortalised in some special way across the pond.

And in flamboyant American fashion, I like to think this is it.

Shit Goblins.

How Rorschach Stole Christmas

This hit the Interwebs the other day, and it is glorious.

WTF…Heels? Fighting Crime and Abusing Fashion

A common, if cliched argument.  Of course, practicality isn’t the point as far as the artists are concerned, and fangirls like me have always looked the other way.  Still, it’s always nice to see examples like this, from Aaron Diaz:

Click to enlarge

The Revving of Chainsaws: A Review of the Anticipation of Gears of War 3 from a female critic.

Gears of War 3 is due to release in the Americas, Australia and Europe on 20 September.  By all accounts, the game is truly incredible, with crisper graphics, smoother gameplay and new weapons, finishers and all of the blood-soaked combat that fans have come to enjoy.  Sadly, this isn’t a review of Gears of War 3.

Not a review of Stand By Me's gritty reboot, either.

This game has been in production since late 2009, and originally slated for release in April this year.  The full release, however, never came, but faithful fans of the series were rewarded with the multiplayer beta of the game, which lasted for four weeks before it was cruelly taken away from us again.

At least I had you for a little while...

I’ve been a fan of Gears of War since I first chose X-Box over PS3 all those years ago.  I’ve always loved its deep storyline, gritty combat system, hard-edged dialog, and the depth of its characters.  It’s consistently fun to play, especially in multiplayer games, and there are rarely any slow points.

Not to mention chainsaw high-fives

I was at the midnight release for Gears of War 2, nearly two years ago, and the anticipation was heavy in the air (as well as body odour).  As one of the only women there, I was a creature of awe to most of the other gamers, who I assumed had never actually seen a woman before.

How men see me when they realise I'm also a gamer.

Gears of War 2 was well worth the wait and the smelly crowds and the awkward compliments and come-ons.  It was worth standing out in the freezing cold, worth staying inside for long periods of time afterward, simply slaughtering all comers in online deathmatches (Except for laggers, hosts and cheap-killers.  Because those sorts are the only players who can kill me!)

Now, that anticipation has grown tenfold.  It looms over nearly every gamer in the civilised world tonight, and it is stifling.  I can hardly sit still, waiting for the opportunity to rejoin the fray once more.  It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year, and me and every other gamer are salivating for it.

The anticipation, in short, is maddening.  I rate it 2/5, and I’m only being generous here because we were treated to the beta earlier this year.  This is among the worst anticipations I’ve ever been through, and I would not recommend it.

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