Strong Guy Watch: He Made It To the Wedding!

Strong Guy made it to the wedding of Colossus and Shadowcat! X-Men Gold #30 came out this week, the highly celebrated wedding issue. Strong Guy was prominent on the cover, and considering his risky business over in New Mutants, I was a little worried for him.

But he’s still alive and he made it to the wedding!

Strong Guy Wedding 03

Is that the bride’s side or the groom’s side?

That’s his only appearance, his only panel. But he got a seat in the back, is wearing a nice suit and I’m sure he went to all the nice parties. So it’s not that big of a deal, but this is Strong Guy Watch and we watch for Strong Guy wherever he might be! He’s doing great in New Mutants right now, where they mentioned that he got his soul back! Good for him.

And remember, next week is the first issue of Multiple Man! Maybe he’ll show up in that too.

No spoilers for the actual wedding issue. Just know that Kelly Thompson will be writing more X-Men and I’m very, very excited about that!


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  1. I would’ve sworn I saw him twice in that issue. But anyway…what an issue! Almost brought me to tears. I’m also very excited for Kelly. And for all of us!

    As a huge fan of Peter David’s 1990s X-Factor, I gotta say, it’s a great time to be into comics. That entire team is getting lots of focus in different books now.

    • Right? I’m so glad all these characters are still important. And I may have missed another panel or two, but I was pretty sure I looked closely enough. The important thing is, he made it!

      And that Kelly Thompson might indeed get to write a main X-Men series down the line!

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