Hellcat and Red Wolf Getting New Marvel Comics!

Marvel has yet to reveal all of their All-New, All-Different comics, but a couple new ones were announced today and over the past few days. Seeing as how I’m a sucker these days for quirky, colorful lady superhero comics, I’m definitely excited to check out Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat, by writer Kate Leth and artist Brittney Williams.

I trust I’m not the only one getting the obvious Batgirl vibe

Marvel describes the book as a comedy akin to Broad City, which is probably my favorite live-action comedy on TV these days. The comic will be about Patsy being a go-getter in the big city, and will incorporate her history as a romance comic character. That should be pretty neat. Yahoo has more.

The other big announcement recently was Red Wolf, a comic about a badass Native American superhero from another dimension. We’ve been waiting for this announcement since Marvel added Red Wolf to one of their promotional images.

If he was named ‘Red Dog’, I’d have had a much funnier article title

Red Wolf will come from writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Dalibor Talajić, with cover art by Native American artist Jeffrey Veregge. That’s a nice step for Marvel to take. The comic will be about a new version of Red Wolf protecting his people in the American Southwest. Could be fun!

Mashable has further details.

What do you henchies think of these new comics? Marvel has been on a role for years. Will they be able to keep it going with all this All-New, All-Different stuff?


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  1. I’ll probably get Hellcat. She’s a fun character.

    I won’t be getting Red Wolf. I’m glad to see a Native American character get a shot, of course. But there are a couple things that bother me. First: I am fed up with Marvel’s lack of diversity among creators. Even here, they get a Native American to do covers, but not interiors, and not even given a co-writing credit – if Veregge was co-writing it, I probably would’ve at least tried the first issue. As it is, Marvel needs to figure out that diversity among characters is not a substitute for diversity among creators, and get some writers of colour.

    The other problem is Edmondson. Apparently, he’s kind of an asshole. Like, “sexual predator” asshole. There’s been a lot of talk of that online since Red Wolf was announced (and there have been people saying it for a lot longer). So, I don’t want to support Edmondson.

    • I’ve got the same reservations about Red Wolf. I’ve been reading the same stuff about Edmondson, and that’s a definite turn off. And you’re right about Veregge’s lack of involvement! After reading a few articles on the comic, I thought he was going to be the artist…but when I finally sat down to write this article, I found out he was only doing covers. Granted, maybe he’s not a good interior artist, but having him write the book over Edmondson (or even with Edmondson) would have been a better call.

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