‘We Are Robin’ to Star Duke Thomas and Friends

One of the most interesting new comics coming out of DC this Spring will be We Are Robin, a series that was shrouded in mystery when it was first announced. What’s with all the kids on the cover? What about Tim Drake, Dick Grayson or Jason Todd? Who is Robin?

Well the shroud is off and the questions have been answered in USA Today! We Are Robin is going to star Duke Thomas and a whole movement of Gotham teenagers rallying behind the mantle of the Boy Wonder!

Where can I get that jacket?

As much as this kind of goes against everything I love about Robin…I’m actually kind of excited by this news! It sounds like a really awesome comic and a neat twist on the whole concept of Robin.

Personally, of course, I much prefer the idea that Robin is a single individual: the squire to the Dark Knight, the apprentice of the World’s Greatest Detective. But I’m definitely down to check out Lee Bermejo’s We Are Robin when it launches in a few months. Maybe it’s because I’m still annoyed that Harper Row didn’t get to become the new Robin, and we’re still stuck with Damian Wayne. Maybe I’m just more open to new and fascinating comic book ideas. Whatever the case, I’m totally on board.

Bermejo mentions in the article that he’s partially inspired by movements like what happened in Ferguson, Missouri last year.

“There’s that element of this particular moment we’re passing right now, and with a book like this you have a chance to comment about certain things and bring them into the Bat-universe in real interesting ways. With ideas and big concepts, teenagers can get really passionate about that stuff and it can be their whole life. That was something interesting to me, that this thing could be bigger than just one guy jumping around in a domino mask.”

Bermejo says he wants to take the very idea of Robin and play around with it. And that maybe there are a lot of kids in the streets of Gotham who could be helping Batman out there.

Specifically, the series will star Duke Thomas, a kid that Bruce Wayne first met in Zero Year, and who recently reappeared during Batman’s fight with the Joker. And when all DC comics jumped 5 years into the future last fall, it was Duke Thomas who was serving as Robin, in costume.

Nonchalantly out of context

So maybe We Are Robin is just the next part of Duke Thomas’ journey. We shall see. But no matter what this title brings, I am definitely excited. There are big things ahead for the Boy Wonder(s)!


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  1. I dont have strong opinions, Huge Robin fan but since Damian its kind of been downhill for me. I havent read much with Duke so i will hold off any criticism, but if DC wants me back, get a Red Robin book out there please. Tim Drake needs to be in a good book and written correctly,

    • That would be the dream, but Tim Drake has been an after thought ever since Damian took over as Robin.

      • do you actually like Damian? I feel he was brought in terribly. His death didnt effect me at all and i only really liked him as Dick’s robin. He is too much of a brat for me to care about. I love in Red Robin where Tim just beats him up to prove he is better

      • Nah, I don’t really like Damian, but he did grow on me as Dick’s Robin. The team of Dick and Damian, written by Grant Morrison, was pretty darn entertaining. But beyond that, I just don’t see him as Robin. He’s Damian, son of Batman, and Robin is just the identity he gets to use. And that bugs me. But when DC had Damian take over as Robin, they had no idea what to do with Tim Drake. That whole Red Robin thing came outta nowhere and continues to be a weird sort of compromise.

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